Real Life.

For as many questions as I ask and opposing arguments I give to any opinion in this one Truth I find certainty: Christ is Lord. This hope I have as an "anchor for my soul" (Hebrews 6:19), the Rock that doesn't sink like the sand of this world. I can't write anything, tell any story, allow anyone to really know me without owning to this life-consuming belief! That ONLY in Christ is there hope, liberty, freedom, joy, rest, peace, purpose, ease, direction, delight, discovery, awareness, justice, preservation, mercy, redemption, love... Love. Did you know God is an artist? Did you know He's a Daddy? Did you know He's a Friend? Did you know He's a Righteous Judge?

The Judge and the Redeemer.
The Joy and the Purpose.

Do you say "Yes, that's right." to anything and yet deny any kind of Creator? So then, who is man to define right and wrong? By what objective standard can we hold humanity to when we're devoid of an ultimate truth? Truth is relative? So then nothing is true? Here's what I know, there can't be more than one true religion. WHOA. "She's so intolerant" you may be thinking. Realize though, I'm not picturing religion as a person, I'm picturing it in literature, doctrinal form. We have to stop seeing "wrong" only in the face of people and realize it is for lack of knowledge that people perish.

What does this have to do with anything? Everything. Ask questions and set your heart to set your mind on one pursuit. We can dabble in whatever our entire lives, that means nothing. A dabbler is someone (maybe the coolest person you know, even) who tries anything as the wind blows for the sake of curiosity but also for lack of an anchor.

I can try to make this blog cool and witty by my own strength. I can try to make my life fun and interesting. I can look at every career option, any degree that I could get that'll give me a platform to "make it big". I can leave Jesus out in an effort to make myself seem "relatable" (which, honestly, I do that sometimes), but all I really want to do is tell people about Jesus for my whole life, and I know with all my heart that is the rich life. That is the purposeful life. That is the true life. No humanitarian work, no level of physical assistance can ever do more for people than sharing the truth of Christ, through whatever means necessary. Living with less, traveling, dancing, whatever I glean from observation, whatever I learn in the journey, may it go towards one purpose: Loving God and loving people. That is the simple gospel, that is the simple life, that is the sojourn we're all in, this temporary stay on earth. Thank you, Jesus! 


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